Gabriel- December

When Gabriel was little, he compartmentalized his sock drawer. Now he uses the betterment of library systems as the outlet for his obsessive tendencies, allowing him to enjoy a variety of diversions. These include soccer, snorkeling, and snuggling. His favorite colors are pink and black and his favorite day of the week is Caturday.


  1. Russell Farrell

    Vegetarian muscles & keen dental hygiene & diverse intelligensia add up to one attractive librarian dude… coming from a true blue metro papa-san, shall we say.

  2. Are you an angel? have you just come down from heaven for the day?

  3. I’m sure you could teach me how to compartmentalize my socks.


  5. Boys who like cats and David the Gnome art in bathrooms are the best boys.

  6. You are totally cute, and so is the painting in the bathroom.

  7. Oh my… just… WOW.
    And, on a side note, I have the book that the painting in the mirror comes from! Yay for gnomes! ^_^

  8. I claim this one.

  9. oh i love all his favs:))

  10. And me comes up behind him in his plaid shirt and my huge glasses and just hugs him. He laughs, puts his arms behind me urging me to hug him tighter. He finishes brushing, turns and tilts my head up and he leans in for a kiss. omg . . .

    I’m blushing.

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