It Gets Better Project

In September 2010, syndicated columnist and author, Dan Savage, created a YouTube video with his partner Terry to inspire hope for young people facing harassment. Many LGBT kids and teens face daily tormenting and bullying, leading them to feel like they have nowhere to turn. As a result, they often hide their sexuality for fear of bullying. Without other openly gay adults and mentors in their lives, they can’t imagine what their future may hold. In many instances, gay and lesbian adolescents are taunted — even tortured — simply for being themselves. In response to a number of students taking their own lives after being bullied in school, Dan and Terry wanted to create a personal way for supporters everywhere to tell LGBT youth that, yes, it does indeed get better.

The It Gets Better Project™ was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project™ wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone — and it WILL get better.  The Project™ has turned into a worldwide movement, inspiring more than 25,0000 user-created videos viewed more than 40 million times. To date, the project has received submissions from celebrities, organizations, activists, politicians and media personalities, including President Barack Obama, VISA employees, the Massachusetts Democratic Party, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Google Chrome, Stephen Colbert, the cast of “HOUSE, M.D.”, Issac Mizrahi, the staffs of The Gap, Facebook, Pixar, and many more. The most recent additions include individual videos from cast members of True Blood, D.C. United and the Tampa Bay Rays.


(Text taken from It Gets Better™ “About” page)

All proceeds from this calendar are being donated to the It Gets Better Project™.

Direct donations can be made by visiting the It Gets Better™ contribution page.  Alternatively, checks may be mailed to: It Gets Better Project, 8315 Beverly Blvd, Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90048.  There is a handy contribution form you can download and print to include with your contribution if you choose, but it is not necessary.  If you have any questions about the fund, please contact the It Gets Better Project™ via email at or visit the It Gets Better™ website.