Josiah- September

Josiah is one part Grendel, one part philosopher, one part giddy school girl.  His body is a laboratory, not a temple.  He takes a lot of late-night walks.  He collects sound recordings of everyday things.  He is overly trusting.  He believes there is no art higher than friendship.

Raised in North Carolina, Josiah received a B.A. in Psychology and his M.L.S. from the School of Information and Library Science at beautiful UNC-Chapel Hill.  He is currently the Public Services manager at the Mohammed VI Library of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.  No dogs were harmed during his photoshoot.


  1. your future wife

    Marry me. Bring the dog.

  2. This might be an ironic statement considering the various stages of undress in other months… but that jacket + those goggles are super-hot! :swoon:

  3. potential other future wife

    i’m also applying for the position of Future Wife. divine.

  4. a beard and a cute doggy for my birthday month?! happy freaking birthday to me!

  5. Josiah (Mr. September)

    Thanks, ladies!

    You are proof that everybody loves an underdog.

  6. potential other other future wife

    this was forwarded to me by a friend. the only text accompanying the link: “get it, gurl.” marry me. bring the dog.

  7. I have desire for Josiah

  8. renatha

    oh lord

  9. Come back to North Carolina! We at Meredith College would surely appreciate your presence <3

    • Josiah (Mr. September)

      Dear Lauren,

      You at Meredith College have a fine library. I have snooped around there before. I’ll let you know beforehand next time…

  10. Bri the Wanderer

    Personally, you had me at Morocco. Look me up next time you need an adventure.

  11. Josiah, you look like you’re dressed for our kind of weather. Come up and across to Toronto and warm our library babes. What’s Morocco got that we haven’t (except warm winters)

    • Josiah (Mr. September)

      Dear Marli,

      For a couple s’mores and some wool socks, I’ll make a house call to Toronto…

  12. Awww, you’re my favorite! :)

  13. Meredith

    I think you’re adorable! What a hottie!

  14. I was wondering if that was some sort of killer dachshund that you needed the protective goggles and jacket. But, from what I can see, smoking hawt + intriguing location …

    • Josiah (Mr. September)

      Thank you for your concern, Henry! Varya actually bares her teeth and growls a little too much for me. Out of sight in my left hand are a couple dog treats :)

      • Varya? With a temprament like that Margarita may have been more appropriate. Thank you for brightening an otherwise superbly crappy day :)

  15. everything in this photo needs to be smooched.

  16. Your Future Stepdaughter

    You need to meet my mom- There would be an age gap but she’s a delightful travelling companion in both the literal and metaphoric senses. I’ve rarely been happier to be a bookworm.

  17. Hey, if you’re ever in Indiana… 😉

  18. Go Heels 😉

  19. So, which Grendel do you consider yourself, the original or John Gardner’s? 😉

  20. Gardner is fantastic! If I might ask, what do you recommend reading and doing in Morocco? (I’m working in Spain this winter and hoping to see Morocco with some friends.)

  21. Already married, but not dead, so “hubba, hubba Josiah!” You’re a cutie.

  22. Josiah (Mr. September)

    Thanks, Heidi!

  23. Potential Other Other Other Future Wife

    I’ll get in the queue, if you don’t mind. I’d like to make experiments in that laboratory of yours.

  24. The Outerbanks could use a philosophical Grendel.

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