Zack- January

File Me Under Woof!
Current location: New York, NY
Place of birth: Lincoln, NE
Tale of the tape: 6’5” 220lbs.
Sign: Pisces
Favorite place in New York:  Housing Works Bookstore in Soho

Outside of his office, he is the director and assistant coach for a men’s rugby club.  His playing career began in college and is a proud former Cornhusker.  The farm boys on the team taught him how to rope (ask him ladies, he’ll demonstrate).

He spends his occasional free weekend as an EMT for the Central Park Medical Unit.  Working at emergency medicine in New York City relaxes him, compared to the library business.  Looking for a sylvan tryst in the big city’s best park?  Check out the waterfalls at the north end between The Pool and Harlem Meer.  Bring a blanket, wine and thug spray for the drug dealers.

Zack’s favorite hobby is bicycling.  Nothing better than NYC by bike.  Smell the rainbow of the city.  Keeps you in motion, fit and hard to mug.



  1. Sherry Christman

    Oh my….just….wow…um….yea.

  2. Hmmm.. I think it is time you came to work in Australia, there’s a position vacant in my library….

  3. Zack is a totla babe- he can ‘shush’ me ANY TIME!!!!

  4. WOWZAS … babe-a-licious!!!!! total stud

  5. I suppose drooling isn’t politically correct…

  6. Glasses, cyclist AND six-foot-effing-five? Yeah… just… yeah.

  7. Is this what a case of the vapours feels like?

    • If it’s anything like what I’m currently experiencing, then yes, this is definitely the vapours.

  8. Wanna read together?

  9. Elaine Mosher

    Oh my my. Yes. Well. Woof woof. I’m speechless.

  10. To paraphrase Shakespeare: “ah, that I were a book within that hand…”

  11. Holy hot damn. I want that.

  12. Something tells me Zack’s dance card is going to be full…

  13. That book looks interesting.

  14. He’s gorgeous – Check
    He plays Rugby – Check
    He cycles – Check
    He volunteers – Check
    He knows how to ‘rope’ – Check
    He lives on the other side of the Atlantic – ………bugger

  15. Andrea Balster Ventura

    He´s chayote with honey…He´s shinning ….What book? I read all …We are librarians, what his cdd!!rare work\!!!!send me your e-mail

  16. Hey, in Brazil where I live we not have any library like that … I just want to read a encyclopedia !!!

  17. If that’s how the librarians in NYC look, sign me up as soon as I finish grad school!

  18. I feel the need to go check out *that* book….

  19. I’m a gay gal and I’m not sure if Zack goes for the gents or the ladies but in any case, omfg. HELL. SO SEXY.

  20. I’m going to swoon. This is the male body I dream about.

  21. I’d love to be oriented by a librarian like Zach! Wow!!

  22. Oh Gosh I will never see January Month in the Same Way <3

  23. Seriously, can anybody see the title of that book? I’m afraid looking at this picture will cause me to go blind in more ways than one.

  24. If you come to Melbourne, Australia, may I please show you around!? We have one stunner of a state library, and I’d happily show you around my lab! 😉

  25. Meu Deus, quanta perfeição! Ler se tornou mais interessante, qual o conteúdo deste livro!? Curioso rsrsrsrs

  26. I can see I’m not going to get past January next year.

  27. Lidiane

    Are u sure Zack is a librarian??
    Well, I think I studied in the wrong country…

  28. Ohhhhhhh I knew there was a reason I love books so much.

  29. Djuana Barnes’s Nightwood? I’m a lit prof, and I teach it in my grad seminar on Modernism. Not that I was staring, but I recognized the cover. A wild ride of novel. Very interesting choice, Zack; you can tell a lot about a man by the literary company he keeps. Loverly in every way.

  30. Oh…. My… Sigh. And I live in NYC, happily, with my author beau.


  31. Dana Chevalier

    Zack can look me up anytime & we can read together with or “sans” anything between us…

  32. I would love to be that book. If male librarians looked like that in my town I would totally throw my e reader in the trash!

  33. Nossa queria queimar no marmore!!!!!!!

  34. I’ll join in the chorus… Zack is dreamy. Yes, I said dreamy. 6’5, pretty, smart, kind and an EMT. It’s almost like I have my sexy librarian and fireman calendar all rolled into one. And, maybe I’m projecting and reading too much into roping but I did see a link to Zack on a kink blog so either we’re mutual admirers/hopefuls or Mr. Kink Blogger knows a secret.

    Very, very nice…


    OMFG! HE ES SO F***IN’ HOT!!!

  36. Librarian, Female, Australian

    I notice the blurb doesn’t say which Library Zack works at and what his position is. I’m on the wrong continent but it would be nice to know the details. Love the picture!

  37. Oh my God! I need to librarian in my house!!

  38. kayhaswings

    Um, I don’t remember guys like that in Lincoln when I grew up there…WOOF, indeed!

  39. Zack is pretty adorable, but I don’t know. “File me under Woof!” makes me suspect he should be filed under 306.766. I’m sure my brother would find him pretty woofy! Too bad for us single female book lovers, if that’s the case. I always did love a tall nerd with an edge.

    • Steve Flower

      Jenna, I never knew Dewey 306.766 until you posted it. Back when I could have used it, of course, there wouldn’t have been many books there. But it’s good to know. Although I’m not one to categorize, I’m sure anyone he allows to catch him would be happy indeed…

  40. OK, Zach is very handsome. We all agree…men and women. But why all the comments about roping and getting mugged?

    Along a similar theme, is this calendar ready for Zach in ropes in a “Perils of Pauline” predicament? I hope so!

    • Redlady

      I realize he’s total eye candy, but you should go back and _read_ the description above. All roping and thug comments are explained.

  41. It takes a smart sexy guy to work a pair of glasses like that — and really smart sexy guy to be able to read a book with his….

  42. Own, I work in a library, but here in Brasil dont have any librarian like Zack. rsrsrs

  43. Jenna A.

    Dear Mr. January,

    Should you ever find yourself back in the Midwest, looking for a coffee date with a book-lovin’ lady, I’d be happy to oblige!

    Yours ever,

  44. I have to say, after taking a look through the gallery at all the other gentlemen, I would not get past January at all!
    Definitely a very attractive young man. But I still want to know, where are the good-looking guys with a touch of gray? Most of our profession *is* nearing retirement age after all.
    a lover of the experienced man

  45. Philippa Chapman

    Oh, wow. If there were male librarians that amazing where I live, I’d camp out in the library hoping for some hot loving between the covers :-)

  46. Aliza Mann

    That’s the happiest book ever…

  47. Tiffani

    I frequent the library often and I can tell you with certainty there is no one that looks like him at my library. *sigh*

    He definitely brings the sexy to the library.

  48. Zack looks like he could do with a spare “bookend” – pick me!

  49. Oh, Zack… you provided such wonderful inspiration! Keep on biking through NYC, it’s doing your body a whole lot of good! :) My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed featuring you on our blog:

  50. Goodness gracious it’s good.

  51. Zack,

    Thank you for taking such good care of yourself and thank your parents for the good genes they have passed along.

  52. I could not be happier to be born in January. Can Zack come so story time at my library for my birthday? 😛

  53. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us, Zack. Woof, indeed.

  54. If he worked at my library I would be in there even more than I am now. I just hope that’s not a library book he’s using 😉

  55. oh my! and a fellow Pisces :)
    this made my morning

  56. walkamungus

    Ah, a Cornhusker. The big red N stands for knowledge! 😉

  57. Gorgeous – Check
    Saves lives – Check
    Likes serenity – Check
    Humorous – Check
    Plays Rugby – Check
    Cycles – Check
    Volunteers – Check
    Knows his way around rope – Check
    Lives in New York….Damn it
    Can one of you be so kind as to mop me off the floor? It seems his Gorgeousness and perfection has turned me into a puddle.

  58. How can anyone get any reading done with this much beefcake walking around the stacks? He is the total package, I’m assuming.

  59. Mmmm… you just made January FAR more interesting!

  60. FogBuffy

    Zack can shush me anytime!

  61. Is that a trade paperback or are you just happy to see me?

    Cmon, let’s hear the nerdiest book pick up lines you can think of!

  62. Grannie Cool

    I wanna read him in braile ….

  63. Evan James

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I plan on camping outside Housing Works Bookstore.

  64. Amy Lynn

    OH MY GOSH! Wow umm yeah wow.

  65. As far as I’m concerned, it will be January all year in 2012

  66. Que rico que estás!!! Porque no hay hombres como tú en Lima??? =(

  67. O_O
    Wow. I… don’t think I have any words to really say what I’m thinking (ones that are appropriate, at any rate!).

  68. And, I used to hate January

  69. Gabrielle

    Naughty librarian… 😉

  70. Agree, Firemen calendar (or EMT in this case) and sexy librarian in one. Where is his blog? What is he reading, I can’t see, it’s blurry

  71. God Bless Housing Works Bookshop and rugby!

  72. Oh sweet mother of cheese…

  73. ..and they say January is the breaking-up month. Now we know why.

  74. Ummmmm yes…I’m actually considering a leave of absence from law school. Yep. That’s what I’m gonna do.

  75. damn he’s hot!i wanna read that book if you know what i mean;)

  76. Frannie

    He can help me find books anytime!

  77. nee nee

    I have been inspired to renew my library card!!! And he is featured during the month of my birth how appropiate!!!! what is the title of the book he is holding? I need a closer look. :)

  78. knowing my usual luck i would be so engrossed in my book wandering thru the library that i would have to run into you literally to notice you, but you can bet i would be tongue tied when i looked up. You sound like a very interesting person.

  79. He wouldn’t need to tell me to “shush” I’d be speechless. Wish you were my local librarian


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