Sol- May

Sol graduated from the University of Arizona, School of Information Resources and Library Science in December of 2004. He attended library school as a Knowledge River scholar. Knowledge River is a program where students learn about and foster library, information, and cultural heritage services to Latino and Native American communities.

This public librarian carries a lot of weight, not because of the 230 pounds on his six foot frame but because he manages a large branch library in the south side of Tucson, Arizona. He stands tall knowing the public library serves anyone and everyone, and he means everyone. The public library bridges gaps whether it be digitally, socially, or economically.

Sol stands even taller knowing this calendar will raise funds for the It Gets Better Project. So if you’re reading this, stop by your nearby public library and know librarians have your back.

Sol is married to a stunning lady and has three beautiful children.


  1. Aaron Montano

    This is a solid down to earth librarian always ready to help out the public. So happy to see he made it into the Men Of The Stacks calendar, May 2012 is going to be everyones favorite month.

  2. If he weren’t straight, I’d totally make out with him in the periodicals section.

  3. Wow, Phil! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

  4. Steve Flower

    So glad to see yet so many stereotype-busters on this site! A very handsome guy, and a Knowledge River scholar – a great combination.

    Congratulations, Sol, and thanks for participating in this effort. I’m pretty sure your wife is going to be the envy of a lot of people.

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