Steve- July

Steve is a reference librarian and professor in Chicago. He has published on usability and Library 2.0 and he tinkers with Web design and programming. He got his MLS at Indiana University where he also received an MA in Communication and Culture. Before jumping into the Library world he was a produce guy at Whole Foods. As a result Steve is 80% organic but he is uninterested in giving up Captain Crunch. He has biked across Iowa and once attempted a Portland to Chicago trip making it as far as Walla Walla. Steve is a huge music fan and before he became a dad he saw live music as often as he could. These days he is more likely to be teaching his five year old the history of rock.


  1. Where in Chicago do you teach?

  2. Look at those pretty, dark eyes. Steve could be my teacher any day!

  3. ha! Steve is a wonderful librarian. he helped me out during my MA History thesis in Chicago! he was smart and kind! i am now a librarian in North Carolina…and know 2 of your pin-ups (Josiah, as well! a fellow grad of UNC Chapel Hill!) great cause, great calendar!

  4. He looks like Jason Newsted, ex-Metallica. handsome, where do I find him?

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