Trevor- August

Trevor is a public services librarian in an academic library on the East Coast.  Originally from Jamaica (yah mon!)  he moved, with his family, to New York at age 13.  An avid traveler and consummate entertainer (at home), when not surrounded by books in the library, Trevor loves to cook and bake.  Maybe you’ll be invited to his home for dinner some time….


  1. Love his smile!

  2. You have a beautiful smile Trevor.

  3. Love the smile…and the shoulders. Very nice! All that and books too, sigh!

  4. Angela G

    OMG! Bake me some cookies Trevor.

  5. I want to know what you’re fixing to bake there!
    It looks like mischief.

  6. Trevor is a class act, a sharp guy, a sartorial dresser and a lot of fun at conferences. Plus he posts photos of scrumptious food and makes us all drool with envy.

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